Any advice in choosing an online Real Estate Pre-License Sales Course

RES SingaporeThe real estate industry in Singapore is definitely one of the best job domains in the country. Even during the days of economic recessions around the world, the real industry in Singapore stood really strong. This is one of the key reasons that attract plenty of young job seekers to this industry. In order to get a good job in the industry, you need to complete a real estate course that is pre-license sales course. Choosing the course has to be done with great care because it would bring in a huge difference to your career.

The RES course that is approved by the Council for Estate Agencies is the most popular course available in the country. It is also the most useful course that will help you to enjoy a stable career in the industry. In order to do your job well as a salesperson in the country, you need to be well versed with the rules and regulations related to the industry. A salesperson will have to travel around the country, find different types of properties that match the requirements of people, and assist in completing the transactions. To do all these in a prompt manner, you should enroll at an institute that conducts the course for RES Singapore. The courses are now available online and hence, you will not have to disturb your daily routines in order to complete it.

However, you should choose the RES course provider that offers the online course with immense care. Since the training sessions would be conducted online, you will have to rely a lot on the course materials provided. If the institute you choose has a good reputation, the course material provided will also be topnotch. You will be able to follow the lessons easily and complete the exams without any hassle. All you need to do is to learn your daily portions without postponing it for a later date! The online pre-license sales course will help you a lot in taking your career to great heights for sure if you choose the best course provider in the country!


What is due diligence for a commercial real estate sales person

RES The rules and regulations regarding commercial property deals are quite different compared to the residential properties. When you approach a real estate salesperson to buy a commercial property in Singapore, you would want the person to fetch you a property that meets all your requirements within a specific price range. However, the job of the salesperson does not end with this process alone. A real estate salesperson should be able to complete all the documentation works corresponding to the property before you make the full payment. Due diligence of the property is also part of the job that a real estate salesperson has to undertake in the country and takes place after the initial documentations are provided by the seller.

Due diligence of a commercial real estate deal is often carried out by the salesperson in about 45 days. Once the seller hands over the documents, the real estate salesperson does a thorough inquiry regarding various factors related to the property. The ownership details will be verified by the agent. The history of all owners of the property will also be verified. The documents will be studied thoroughly to make sure that the property has not legal heirs other than the person mentioned as owner in the document. The terms regarding the use of various facilities that are part of the deal will also be taken into account. Majority of the commercial properties will offer extra services along with the space. There would be machines, computers, electrical appliances, furniture, access to elevators, fire exits etc as a part of the contract. The details regarding all these will be verified by the salesperson you assign to complete the transaction. The deal should be signed only after the due diligence is completed by the salesperson. If you choose a person who has completed the course in RES Singapore from a good institute your job will be easier. Make sure that the person earned the license after undergoing training with a CEA approved RES course provider. A person who has completed the RES course from a reputed institute will make sure that the due diligence is flawless.

What do you need to become a real estate agent?

RES courseWorking as a real estate agent in Singapore will help you with amazing monthly returns. You will be able enjoy a big fat salary every month if you are a successful real estate agent in the country. You need to however do the right set of things in order to enjoy a fruitful career in the industry. The real estate course approved by the Council for Estate Agencies is very important in order to enjoy a career in the industry.

You need to meet some basic requirements in order to work as a real estate agent in the country. You need to over the age of 21 and should clear at least 4 GCE O’ level exams in order to start your career in the country as a real estate agent. You should be registered with only one real estate agency in the country. If you are registered with multiple agencies, your license will be canceled by the authorities. You should have clean legal records too in order to start working as a real estate agent in the country.

There are also few other formalities involved. In order to work as a real estate salesperson, you need to complete the RES course. If you want to start working as a real estate agent, you will have to pass the REA exam conducted by the CEA. You will not be able to work with any agencies as a salesperson if you want to start a career as an agent. You need to choose a CEA approved RES course provider in order to complete the course without any difficulties. If the course provider is approved by the CEA, the REA training would be of impeccable standards. You will be able to learn about the different laws and regulations prevailing in the country regarding the real estate transactions when you take up the REA course or the course for RES in Singapore.

Difference between a real estate agent and a real estate broker

real estate agent If you are looking for a career in the real estate domain in Singapore, you can check out different options. You can work either as a real estate agent or as a broker in order to enjoy good amounts as annual revenue. Both these jobs are not exactly the same as each other and require different types of skills.

A real estate agent works for a broker. Hence, the broker is an employer and the agent is an employee. In order to work as an agent, you need to make any investments. However, in order to work as a broker, you need to invest a lot of money. You will have to set up an office with all modern facilities, plush interiors, and elegant furniture to lure clients. You will also have to hire real estate agents to work for you.

A broker might have plenty of salespersons working for him or her. The broker will provide all the necessary amenities required by the salespersons. In order to work as a real estate broker, you need to get a license issued by the Council for Estate Agencies in Singapore.

The job of a real estate agent is to deal with clients who need to buy or sell properties. As a real estate agent, you will also have to assist clients in renting and leasing out properties. In order to work as a real estate agent in the country, completion of RES course which is approved by the Council for Estate Agencies is mandatory. To complete the course you need to enroll with a CEA approved RES course provider and acquire a course completion certificate. Once you get the certificate, you will have to appear for the RES exam and clear it. Clearing the exam is not an easy task and you need to be systematic all through the course duration. Choosing a good RES course provider with a fantastic track record will make things easy for you.

A real estate agent cannot work independently. You will have to work for a real estate agency in the country. You will be paid a monthly salary by the agency.

How do consumers utilize online resources to find a Real Estate Agent (Realtor)?

RES SingaporeToday, you can use the internet to gather all sorts of information. When you are in need of a property in Singapore, you can seek the aid of the internet up to a certain extend. You will be able to identify the best real estate agents in the country for residential and commercial purposes with the help of online portals.

The reputed real estate agents in the country make good use of the internet facilities to get clients. The people who are in the lookout for properties in the country might belong to the working class and many others would be entrepreneurs. People from different parts of the globe travel to Singapore and many of them end up making the country their home. Hence, residential and commercial properties are of great demand in the country. The realtors will be able to reach out to the needs of the customers in an easier manner with the help of online portals.

There are different ways in which realtors and real estate agents make use of online resources. The influence of the social media has helped the agents to promote their business and services in a great way. The real estate agents have profiles on the major social networking websites and micro-blogging sites using which they can interact with potential clients. The agents can list the available properties on the pages which will help to attract clients. You can send pictures and key details to clients who show interest in the properties. You can fix appointments with clients using the online resources and take the deals to the next level.

You will be able to make use of the online resources in a good manner and earn better returns if you complete the RES course from a reputed institute. The good institutes in the country will provide the best-in-class RES Singapore training to the candidates. You will be provided with amazing tips on performing your daily duties well along with the portions mentioned in the syllabus. You will be able to interact with highly qualified real estate professionals and lawyer if the RES course provider has a sound reputation.

The online resources are of great use to consumers and real estate agents equally. The consumers will be able to find agents with ease and a realtor will be able to enhance the returns with ease.

What courses to take to become a Real Estate Agent

RES Course ProviderIn order to gain expertise in any job domains, you need to master the skills required. A job in the real estate marker also requires understanding of a lot of things. If you want to perform well as a real estate agent in Singapore, you will have to be well versed with the laws and regulations regarding the field and should possess good selling skills. You might be able to gain the required selling skills if you have an inborn flair for selling. However, in order to understand about the laws and regulations related to the field, you need to learn it from experts.

The RES course will help you to understand about the key rules and regulations related to the real estate domain. When you work as a real estate agent, you will have to handle different types of property deals every day and the norms might be different for each type. As an RES in Singapore, you will have to meet plenty of clients who would require commercial spaces to start their business ventures and commoners who need a place to live. You will have to handle both these type of clients in a good manner and this will be possible only if you are aware of the rules regarding the properties. You will be provided with the right set of instructions to take care of the deals when you enroll with a reputed institute that provides the real estate training.

When you choose a reputed RES course provider you will be provided with quality training sessions that will mould you into efficient professionals. You will have to polish your communication and selling skills in order to perform well. This will be made easy when you choose a good institute. If the sessions are handled by experienced professionals, you will be provided with plenty of useful tips which will make your work life easy. You will also be able to learn in detail about different types of properties available in Singapore which are preferred by various types of people. When you complete the course from a reputed institute in the country, you will be provided with placement assistance too. This will help you to enjoy a stable career without having to run around the country passing your resumes.

How to obtain a Real Estate Agency License

The real estate industry is a highly profitable business sector in Singapore. If you start a real estate agency in the country and perform your daily job well, you will be able to enjoy good returns. There are certain requirements that need to be met in order obtain a real estate agency license in the country. The license is provided by the Council for Estate Agencies in the country after considering various factors. The company has to be registered in Singapore as a private firm, sole-proprietorship, or partnership company. The company should appoint one person as the Key Executive Officer and this person should not be listed as a defaulter in the country. The KEO should have completed one or the other course related to the real estate industry. Passing the course for RES Singapore or any others approved by the Council for Estate Agencies is mandatory. The KEO should not be part of any other real estate firm or should be a partner or owner of the firm. The person should also have at least 3 years of experience working with another real estate agency that has a license in the country. The person should also have completed at least 30 real estate deals in the past 3 years for a licensed real estate agency in the country.

The real estate agency must not be functioning in the country as a money-lending agency under any circumstances. The company should conduct training sessions to all the real estate agents hired. The company should also make sure that the candidates hired by the company are done in compliance with the rules stipulated by the CEA. All the candidates should have completed the authorized RES course from a CEA approved institute. The candidate should be over 21 years of age and should not be the owner or KEO of another real estate agency in the country. The real estate agent hired by the agency should also possess a Professional Indemnity Insurance with a validity of at least one year. Even though the person has completed the RES course or equivalent, the candidate should be provided with adequate trainings from time to time.

The application process for the real estate agency license can be completed without much hassle once these factors are understood. The application form has to be duly filled and submitted only by the KEO. The annual license fee would be between SGD300 and SGD3000 and this depends on the number of real estate agents working for the company. The fee for renewing the license would be SGD107 and should be paid every year.